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Nursing Home Abuse

Attorney Gia Kosmitis, with Kosmitis Bond APLC, has handled more successful nursing home negligence cases than any other lawyer in Louisiana. We represent families who have placed their trust and confidence in a nursing home to care for their loved one and have suffered harm from that breach of trust.

All too often nursing homes place their drive for profits above the needs and rights of their patients. State and federal rules provide “residents rights” that are often disregarded because of understaffing. Staff in nursing homes are often overworked and unable to complete their tasks required for safe and prudent healthcare. The failure to provide appropriate and safe health care often results in serious physical and mental injuries to the patients.

Kosmitis Bond PLC pursues claims to hold the facility accountable for failing to provide safe reasonable care to meet the needs of their patient.

We fight for your loved ones like they are our own.

People trust nursing homes with their loved ones in the most vulnerable stages of their lives and have a right to expect that their patients’ health, safety and well-being will be top priorities. Sadly, inadequate and unsafe care and outright abuse of nursing home patients is all too common in Louisiana and across the United States.

If you have reason to suspect your loved one is being abused, neglected, or not provided safe care in a nursing home, we encourage you to call Kosmitis Bond Professional Law Corporation as soon as possible. Experienced attorney Gia Kosmitis along with registered nurse Shelly Hebert will listen with respect to your concerns and provide clear counsel on your legal options available to hold the offending facility accountable for their substandard care. We strive to improve the quality of care for all our community and hold those accountable that refuse to follow the rules of safe prudent health care.

Examples of Nursing Home Abuse

  • Falls and Fractures

  • Pressure Sores (Bed Sores)

  • Physical Abuse

  • Gangrene and Amputations

  • Unsanitary Conditions

  • Lack of Hygienic Care

  • Physical or Chemical Restraints

  • Inefficient Supervision

  • Weight Loss

  • Theft of Money or Possessions

  • Staffing Insufficiencies

  • Defective Equipment

  • Malnutrition or Dehydration

  • Unexplained Injuries

  • Septic Shock or Infections

  • Wrongful Death

  • Abandonment

  • Sexual Abuse

Is Your Loved One at Risk of Elder Abuse?

Many elders who can no longer care for themselves are tragically abused or exploited by the very people who are supposed to help them. Elder abuse results from the unintentional, ignorant or even malicious actions of close relatives, healthcare providers or others in positions of trust. Other instances of elder abuse result from poor standards of care in nursing facilities or hospitals


Elderly people with the following conditions are particularly susceptible to abuse:

  • Poor Memory 

  • History of Criminal Activity

  • History of Drug Abuse

  • History of Depression


Some of the most common signs of abuse to look for:

  • Restraint Markings

  • Personality Changes Resembling Dementia

  • Bruising or Scarring

  • Broken Bones

  • Unexplained Infections


Download the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Complaint Form, or contact them at 1-888-810-1819. The Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare website allows clients to research nursing homes by region, to find out about citations against particular nursing homes and to obtain an overall rating of the nursing home.

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